Nappy rash can simply be a reaction to a wet environment, i.e. wearing a nappy. So lots of air to the area without a nappy can work wonders.

Some nappy rashes are a more allergic nature; it could be from the nappy itself, look at a more natural material. Or it could be a reaction to what they are being fed, so look at formula or what you are eating if you are breastfeeding.

Because of the damp warm environment of a nappy and the skin being compromised with a rash, you can get infections, usually fungal.

We recommend finding the cause of the nappy rash and making changes to prevent it, while also using a herbal balm. This is applied quite thickly to form a protective barrier as well as healing the skin.

Using the vapour rub balm recipe (without the essential oils), use chamomile, plantain or calendula infused oils and beeswax only. Add slightly more oil to beeswax to ensure a gooier consistency.


If you are using formula the first thing to try is switching to a goat milk based formula.

If you are breastfeeding the herbs will cross into your breast milk, therefore you must take the tea yourself, or up to 5ml of tincture.

For colic a breastfeeding mother should take chamomile, fennel and dandelion, either as a tea or tincture. In equal parts, every day for two weeks.

For babies who are bottle fed, they can have a tea of chamomile, fennel and dandelion. 1tsp of the tea should be given before feeding. Again, continue for two weeks.

If after two weeks there is no change, seek the help of your local herbalist or your local cranial osteopath.