A glycerite is a herbal preparation where vegetable glycerine has been used to extract the medicinal properties of the herbs used.

A glycerite can be made as an infusion, where instead of an oil or alcohol, you use vegetable glycerine. The extraction will take approximately 2-3 weeks.

We recommend warming the vegetable glycerine before you strain the mixture as otherwise you will get very little glycerite out of the plant material mix. You can do this by putting your jam jar in a water bath for 10 minutes or so.

Once the glycerite is strained, allow it to cool completely before bottling. Glycerites can still mould even though vegetable glycerine is a preserving agent.

Keep in a cool dry place and it should last for 1-2 years but ensure you check for mould regularly.

Glycerites are an excellent alternative to tinctures because they do not contain alcohol they can be given to people who cannot tolerate alcohol and they are often the medicine of choice for children.

The strength of a glycerite is slightly less than that of a tincture, it is closer to a syrup dosage.

Glycerites are also ingredients in cream making, in particular the ‘Ireland’ method.